Don’t Forget – Older Youth Applications due next Friday, January 5th by 4 pm!

If you are interested in being a Camp Counselor, a Junior Fair Board member, a Fashion & Nutrition Board member, a County Scholarship winner, an Ohio Achievement Form or Junior Achievement Form winner, the listen up!  All the above forms are due back in our office by 4 pm on Friday January 5th.

The forms can be found on our website, Instructions are found within this page. Remember, you need to sign your application and your parent/advisor sign the application as noted.

Camp Counselor Application checklist:

  • Turn in completed reference forms from two non-family members (one must be completed by your 4-H Advisor) in sealed envelopes (these are included in the application packet)
  • Read, sign and return your Application
  • Read, sign and return your Standards of Behavior Form
  • Read, sign and return your Camp Counselor Code of Conduct Form
  • Read, sign and return your Conselor Permission to Participate – 2018 Fairfield County 4-H Camps Form
  • Read, complete, sign and return your Ohio 4-H Health Statement (with picture attached)

Junior Fair Board Application checklist:

  • Read the new constitution and look over the calendar of events
  • Complete the Application (including member and parent signature)
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from adults (not related to you).  One must be from the Junior Fair Organization (4-H or FFA) in which you are a member.  Letters of recommendation should be in a sealed envelope from the adult wirting the letter for you.

4-H Fashion and Nutrition Board Application checklist:

  • Complete the Application (including member and parent signature)
  • Answer the questions on page 2 of the Applicaiton on a seperate sheet of paper or attach your Ohio Achievement/Junior Achievement Form
County Scholarship Application checklist:
To apply for scholarships, members must complete and submit as one application submission (please staple all items in this order in the upper left hand corner):
  • A typed and signed Fairfield County 4-H Scholarship Application
  • A typed Ohio 4-H Achievement Form
  • A current transcript of your grades (for reference purposes only)
  • A one-page letter of support from your academic advisor, guidance counselor, teacher, community leader, or employer

Ohio Achievement Form checklist:

  • Stapled in top left hand corner (please note: tabbed dividers, coversheets, or any type of folder/binder should not be used!  2 points will be deducted if this requirement is not followed!)
  • Name/information is on the cover page
  • Form is signed by 4-H member, parent, AND advisor. Do not worry about getting the signature for the Extension Educator; Leslie will sign them after you turn in the form.
  •  Entire form is typed in Arial 11 point font (all sections, including 4-H Story) & ½ inch margins are maintained. Section sizes are not altered (no horizontal lines are changed to make section bigger or smaller)
  • All Sections (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) are complete and no additional pages are added, no alterations are made to the section size (horizontal lines are not changed to make bigger or smaller)—AT LEAST one thing is listed
  • 4-H Story is typed in Arial 11 point font & complete and is no more than 2 pages, single-sided, double spaced
  • 4-H Photo page is complete with photos AND labels and is no more than 1 page
  • There are enough copies of the form for EACH category where the form is being submitted in addition to a copy for the county. (i.e. if you are submitting a form in Beef, Citizenship & Community Service, Sea Camp, and Leadership Camp, you need to submit a total of 4 complete forms—each “X” should have its own form! Plus an extra copy for the county office)

Junior Achievement Form checklist:

  • Read the instructions for each area.  Remember if you are eligible for the gold award (5th year and up), but score green in one area, you will recieve the green award.
  • Turn in completed form with parent and advisor signature. Form may be typed or handwritten.
  • Add the years you completed each item on the line (2015, 2016, 2017  or 15-17 – both are acceptable)
  • Make sure you have details in your description of the project and citizenship areas.  Answer the questions posed in each area.
  • Have a photo page with labels to go with the photos.  The photos should be of someting you did with your project or club.

Good Luck!


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