Buyers Club enjoys successful inaugural year!

Thanks to the generous donations of several, the 2017 Fairfield County Junior Fair Sale Buyers Club was able to benefit at least 130 local youth as they marketed their Junior Fair projects. The Buyers Club was made up of local donors who, prior to the sale, pooled their dollars that were in turn used to bid on and purchase market animals during the 2017 Junior Fair Livestock Sale.

Thanks to the donations of 2017 Buyer Club members:

Bertha V. Wilson Trust c/o Edward T. Beery, Trustee

Blue Ribbon Showmen 4-H Club

Edward Jones – John Kelley

Jody Poth

Multistate Insurance – Linda Miller

Shawn Evans, The Carriage Company

Market projects belonging to 130 different youth were bid on throughout the sales that were held on Thursday and Friday during the Fair. Ultimately the Buyers Club purchased the market projects of 28 different youth.

The Buyers Club is managed by the Fairfield County Junior Fair Sale Committee. Contributions are accepted throughout the year in any amount and are 100% tax deductible.

The pool of funds that are contributed to the Buyers Club are then used to make purchases of projects throughout the sale that may have lesser buyer support than others. The goal is to ensure that all youth earning a sale slot are rewarded for their hard work and effort while also allowing another opportunity for additional buyers to participate in the Junior Fair Livestock Auction.

To become a member of the 2018 Fairfield County Junior Fair Sale Buyers Club all you need to do is complete this form and submit it by October 4, 2018 along with your tax deductible contribution to the Fairfield County Junior Fair Sale Committee.

As you know the Junior Fair Sale is the culmination of months, and for many youth years of dedication and hard work with their 4-H and FFA market projects. Many of these young people use the proceeds of the sale of their animals to fund their next project while also saving money for their college fund.

Many thanks to those who made the 2017 Buyers Club a reality, and thank you for considering this as an opportunity to support the 4-H and FFA youth of Fairfield County, and investing in their future. If you have any questions, please contact Buyers Club Committee Chair Doug Shell at (740) 404-1505 or, or visit

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