The Ohio State Beekeepers Association renews the 4-H Partnership Program for 2017!

After a successful inaugural 2015 OSBA 4-H Partnership program, the Ohio State Beekeepers Association has renewed and refreshed the program for the 2017 beekeeping and 4-H season. For 2017, the OSBA will selectively sponsor five 4-H members across Ohio by providing the basic woodenware and toolkits to establish 2 complete hives.

By partnering OSBA, Extension 4-H staff, and local beekeeping organizations with the 4-H members undertaking the beekeeping project, the program will support and encourage young beekeepers by providing experienced practical support and reducing the expenses required to get started in beekeeping. Ideally, active participation of key players, including the student, his/her guardian, 4-H advisor, local association and a mentor will significantly increase the likelihood of success of the 4-H beekeeper through experiential learning.  Local beekeeping associations who participate gain visibility to a new and vital audience and increase positive community involvement of the “next generation” of beekeepers.

While the attached document explains the program guidelines in detail, here is a quick overview

Selection Criteria

  1. Youth must be between the ages of 12 and 18 by January 1st of the scholarship year, be a member of 4-H, and enrolled in public, private or home school.
  2. Applicant must complete and return the application by November 21, 2016.

Selection Process

  1. The selection committee will carefully consider each candidate and select finalists.
  2. The OSBA 4H Beekeeping Partnership Program Scholars will be announced by March 1st.

The selected Partnership Program Scholars will receive:

  1. Woodenware  and tools for two hives (see attached document): 4-H Partnership Program 2017
  2. year free membership to the OSBA, with electronic newsletter.
  3. Free attendance to the OSBA Fall Convention (including 2 guests).
  4. OSBA Beekeeper Training DVD
  5. OSBA Apiary Diagnostic Kit, if available

The Sponsoring Local Association will be expected to:

  1. Provide membership and mentorship
  2. Provide beginner beekeeping training.
  3. Help find a source for purchasing bees

The Partnership Program Scholar will be expected to:

  1. Provide bees for the two colonies
  2. Attend and successfully complete the agreed upon Beginning Beekeeping Classes.
  3. Keep a written record of the 2017 beekeeping experience.
  4. Provide a quarterly update for the OSBA newsletter
  5. Present a final report to the membership at the OSBA Annual Meeting on November 4, 2017.

A Certificate of Completion and full ownership of the colony and the equipment will be presented at the OSBA Annual Meeting upon successful completion of the program criteria and positive evaluation by sponsoring association.

For additional information, questions or comments see the OSBA website at or contact us at or call 567-703-6722.

OSBA looks forward to working with 4-H and local beekeeping associations to help nurture our next generation of beekeepers.


OSBA 4-H Partnership Committee

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