Important information for Fairfield County Jr Fair Pygmy Goat competitors

  • Pens in the pygmy goat barn have changed. The sizes now are 4 feet 7 inches wide by 7 feet deep. The bars on pens are horizontal.
  • Please be sure you have registration papers for registered pygmy goats updated with the goat transferred to 4-Her’s or family name. Also check tattoo or micro-chip that it is legible and matches the goat.
  • Please check tattoos and/or scrapie tags for unregistered pygmy goats to make sure they are there and legible before fair. Also make sure the receipt matches the goat.
  • All registration papers and receipts must stay at the fairgrounds in your tackbox the whole week.
  • All pygmy goats must stay at the fair until check-out time on Saturday unless pre-approved.
  • We will again clean the isle way everyday of the week, as well as clean your pens several times throughout the week ¬†and clean out all pens before leaving Saturday.

Thanks. Looking forward to another great year in the Pygmy Goat barn

Pygmy Goat Superintendents


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