Important Updates from the Senior Fair Board

Advisors and FFA Educators:  Here are some important updates to note regarding the upcoming Fairfield County Junior Fair from the Senior Fair Board

To: Fairfield County 4-H Extension

Some items were presented to the Fairfield County Ag. Society Board of Directors that effect the 4-H/FFA Department:

1.  In the general rules, under the Prohibited Conduct rule number one (1), the directors passed the following:

Each exhibitor showing a market, breeding or feeder of any species shall register with the Junior Fair Director or his designee (Show Superintendent) on the day of weigh-in if someone is going to help groom the project to show.

2.  In Book 2 – 4-H/FFA Beef Cattle, under weigh-in rule number six (6). If the beef animal loses the EID tag or the Fair ID tag, the exhibitor or immediate family member must contact the Senior Fair Office immediately. If only one of the tags is lost the animal will not be re-tagged, and an animal with one of the tags will be accepted at the time of check-in for the Fairfield County Fair.

3.  The directors discussed the 4-H/FFA Livestock Possession Housing Form. The directors approved the following:

If the exhibitor moves the project to exhibit at another exhibition such as the Ohio State Fair, one of the County or Independent Fairs, State or National Breed Shows, and/or Jackpot Shows, they are not required to fill out and file the 4-H/FFA Livestock Possession Housing Form as a change in the housing location of the project.

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