The COVID-19 pandemic and its continuous uncertainty has brought new and unique challenges for faculty to keep up with the needs of our students. Many students are struggling with burnout, anxiety, depression and stress now more than ever. However, faculty can play a key role in helping our students.

The “lunch & learn” style webinar series reviews ways that faculty can support the development of resilience in their students, and identify teaching and learning strategies and resources to increase student engagement in healthy behaviors.

LIVEWELL Classrooms

Learn about a LIVEWELL classroom. Faculty can support students and enhance learning by adopting a classroom wellness philosophy. These webinars review how to set up a LIVEWELL classroom, including wellness resources that faculty can utilize such as the Ohio State faculty wellness toolkit.

Strategies for Incorporating Wellness

The webinars provide specific strategies for incorporating wellness into the online and in-person classroom settings. Various methods of integrating wellness: the concept of “lecturcizing;” using national disease prevention initiatives, such as Healthy People and Million Hearts, as teaching tools and a means of improving student wellness; and incorporating a variety of wellness-related assignments and projects into courses.


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