Thinking about Migration with Students from the Columbus Thiossane Institute

Seg-taaba: Migration and Mobility Through Music

“Seg-taaba” is this year’s theme for the workshop series in which we use music-making and production to think about issues that pertain to migration and mobility. The series is a collaborative effort between A.P.E.C.A. (a local Burkina Faso foundation for education through the Arts) in Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou and the Columbus, Ohio, Thiossane Institute for African Dance. Participants join in the discussion and think about ideas, topics and questions evolving around migration and mobility through their lens. They discuss their ideas in groups and try to find language in words and body movements to express themselves. On the forst workshop day in Columbus, participants listened to what youth in Ouagadougou produced and began to compose songs themselves. They began to integrate their ideas into the existing musical framework that workshop leaders Ezé Wendtoin and Aristide Nikiema brought with them to Columbus. With the help of Massamba Diop and Jason Buchea, the students learned to feel the rhythm of their words and began to think about how they can perform the lyrics in dance. Here is a short snippet of their amazing achievements.

SPECIAL GUEST: Aristide Nikiema

My name is Aristide NIKIEMA

Born in 1988/31/01 in Ouagadougou capital of BF

I was born into a Christian family.

My father was a pastor David NIKIEMA and he loved music. We were already playing percussion (Goumbé) at the church when we were little. Because my father loved music, he had a piano that was given to him by one of his French friends, but he was not playing it. So, our uncle (Pastor Panga) came often and played it at church. One day, I asked him to teach me and we started first during the holydays and later every day. I was so focused on the keyboard that after a few months I could already accompany some songs in the church.

My father decided to send me to GHANA with one of his friends, who is also pastor there, so that I could better train myself in music. After my return to Burkina Faso, I often went with my father to accompany the songs during the Evangelizations he was doing in the churches. Through this, I met other musicians and artists who asked me to play with them.

Lucky Never Die Band

Posted by Lucky Never Die on Friday, October 7, 2016

Bonne fête de musique à tout les mélomanes. Vine wendé… tam!!!

Posted by Aristide Nikiema on Thursday, June 21, 2018

For example, Max Solo (lead guitarist) allowed me to accompany some of the best of our country’s artists like Floby, Sofiano, Hado IMA, Ismo Vitalo, Dani bat (drummer and percussionist). Dani bat, specifically, allowed me to accompany Sana bob, who is a major star from Burkina Faso. EZE Wendtoin who is my little brother also invited me twice to travel with him to Germany and accompany him on keyboard and percussion. In 2014, I enrolled in a music competition that a foundation organizes in Burkina Faso. Iwon first prize and was able to record a song and video clip.

Currently, I accompany many of Burkina Faso’s stars on piano and vocals like Mme KINDA Ella, Dez altino, Martin Thiery and his wife Toussy, who now resides in the USA, Ocean, Yan la douceur, Ossy lion,soeur Anne Marie,Moussa petit sergent. Grace to my (musician) friends, I have advanced greatly in music TAM !



We created this association to help children who do not have parents or who do not have the means to educate themselves or even find food and clothing. Through my brother who resides in Germany, we have done beneficial concerts for the purchase of a land about 45 miles from Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. We were able to buy  a pump for a well through the support of the Eze’s friends. Thanks to their help, the people of this village now have access to drinking water.

We are knocking at every door to find support for the construction of a boarding school in order to provide these children with education. We want them to learn about the country’s culture and the arts to aid the development of the whole nation. And for that, a lot of befriended musicians have given themselves to advance this project.

Many of them have already gifted their trade for this project during the Warc-en-ciel tour in Germany in 2019.

Uns gibt es immer noch! Uns geht es super gut! Wir haben schon das Bergfest der Tour gefeiert! Der Körper hält sich gut, die Stimme macht erschtaunlicherweise super mit. Wir freuen uns auf die nächsten Gigs.Hier bekommt ihr einen Eindruck aus dem Kenako Afrika Festival in Berlin! Eindrücke aus Cottbus bei "Laut gegen Nazis" kommen noch.Danke sehr!#WeißeOma #OmasMütze

Posted by Ezé Wendtoin Music on Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Ezé is coming back to Columbus in September 2019! (accompanied by a surprise guest! stay tuned!)

Just recently, Ezé concluded his Germany tour and the release of his album “Inzwischen Dazwischen” with his Burkina Faso band Warc-en-ciel. (check his Facebook for images)

We are super excited to announce that he will make another stop in Columbus, working with Ohio State and High School students and community members in September, 2019!

We have a full itinerary, including workshops, lectures and performances in store for you.

Stay tuned to find out more about the special guest that accompany him on this visit.

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