ACEL to Extension: Coaching and Mentoring

Do you know when to coach versus mentor? Have your coaching or mentoring skills gotten rusty? Would you like to gain some new skills (or tools) that you could implement immediately?

After watching this two-part session, viewers will:

-Understand the fundamental difference between coaching and mentoring
-Identify practical aspects of engaging in a coaching or mentoring process
-Explore approaches to employee motivation (through coaching/mentoring)
-Learn the G.R.O.W. model of coaching and other mentoring tips

ACEL to Extension: Communicating to Be Understood

How we communicate with each other, whether it is a co-worker or spouse, can make or break a relationship. In this workshop we will explore how people communicate differently and how you can use your strengths to build relationships with your team and increase people’s feeling of being heard.

Through the workshop, participants will learn their communication style and how it interacts with other styles. We will also be walking through some communication and group theory that will allow participants to identify stages of the communication process and where struggles may be happening. The goal is for participants to walk out with a strong idea of how to make communication work for them rather than against them.


-Identify communication styles
-Explore how styles interact in the communication process
-Understand the communication process in groups and where breakdowns occur
-Create strategies for better communication in your life