4-H Project Books: Available Today!

Are you thinking about what 4-H project to take next year?  Or are you looking for additional virtual learning resources?  Now is the time to look at 4-H projects!

This is the list of what we have on hand at our office today.  Please contact Pat at zehring.5@osu.edu or 937-736-7215.  We can mail if that is easier for you.  

If picking up, please do so within 2 weeks of placing the order.

407 Accessories for Teens
751 Archery Member Record Book
555 ATV Safety
631 Basic Archery
474 Beyond the Grill
670 Canning and Freezing
167RI Chick Quest Logbook
167RS Chick Quest Logbook Sets of 25
406 Clothes for High School and College
424 Clothing for Middle School
426 Clothing for Your Career
711AG Cloverbud Volunteer Guidebook
408 Creative Costumes
126 Dairy Cow Project and Record Book
127R Dairy Resource Handbook
410 Designed by Me
181 Draft Horse
417 Dress-up Outfits
189 Dressage
411 em-bel-lish: A 4-H Guide to Wearable Art
530 Entering Electronics, Level 4
185 Equine Reproduction and Genetics
481 Everyday Food and fitness
377 Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking Made Easy
135 Goat Project and Record Book
472 Grill Master
691 Grow Your Own Vegetables
692 Growing with the Seasons
762 Horse Nutrition
177 Horse Training: How to Talk to Your Horse
645 Insect Adventures 2
646 Insect Adventures 3
491 It’s My Home
218 Leaping Forward, Level 3
132 Llama and Alpaca Project and Resource Handbook
425 Look Great for Less
418 Loungewear
527 Magic of Electricity, Level 1
556 Measuring Up, Level 1
755 Muzzleloaders Member Record Book
715I My 4-H Cloverbud Year
420 Outerwear for Anywhere
376 Pantry Panic
230GPM PetPals Leader’s Guide
230 PetPals Project and Record Book
220R Pocket Pets Resource Handbook
150 Poultry Project and Record Book
498 Quilting the Best Better
501RI Rockets Away Logbook
501GPM Rockets Away! Exploring the Science of Forces and Motion
490 Science Fun with Dairy Foods
497 Scrapbooking: A 4-H Guide to Preserving Memories
409 Sew Fun
430 Shopping Savvy
752 Shotgun Member Record Book
463 Sports Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go
184 Standardbred Horses
475 Star Spangled Foods
413 Sundresses and Jumpers
140 Swine Breeding Project and Record Book
487 Take A Break for Breakfast
374 Teens on Board
448 Teens on the Road to Financial Success
358 The Truth About Tobacco
622 Trapping Muskrats in Ohio
543 Tune It Up, Level 3
518 Wheels in Motion, Level 2
620 Why Trees Matter
529 Wired for Power, Level 3
462 Yeast Breads on the Rise
467 You’re the Chef
550 Young Engineers in Solar Energy
552 Tractor Operations, Level B
553 Tractor Operations, Level C
554 Tractor Operations, Level D
National Poultry Judging
Basic Information about Chickens, OSU GC
Candy Making
Trash to Treasure
Baking Pies

Give the Gift of 4-H Books

Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?  Consider one of the wonderful 4-H publications we have!

There are over 200 publications available for purchase.  Review the 4-H Family Guide to see all options.  We can order anything.  Plan on about 2 weeks for the books to come in though.

We also have a lot of wonderful options here at the office ready to go home with you today!

Ordering 4-H Books

Just a reminder that the last day for our office to place any orders for 4-H books is May 1.  Please don’t wait!  After this deadline, you will need to place your own order and it will cost you more than what we sell the books for in the office.  We order books every Friday.  It is taking about 2-3 weeks for the books to arrive at our office.  We will contact you when books arrive.  We ask that they are picked up within 2 weeks.

Feel free to email or call us with your order.


4-H Resources Available

Do you know anyone who could use these discontinued or revised project books?  They could be great for extra summer activities, classroom-based projects, 4-H meeting ideas, and homeschool resources.

  • Rockets Away
  • Fun with Friends (Biking)
  • Frugal Fashion
  • Outer Layers
  • Sew Fun
  • Sportswear for Spectators
  • Collectibles
  • 4-H Dog Obedience Training
  • 4-H Guinea Pig
  • Grooming and Handling Dogs
  • Purrfect Pals- Cat 1
  • Scurrying Ahead (Cat Level 2)
  • Entering Electronics 4
  • Investigating Electricity 2
  • Magic of Electricity 1
  • Wired for Power 3
  • Global Gourmet
  • Let’s Bake Quick Breads
  • Outdoor Chef
  • Vegetable Gardening 1
  • Family History Treasure Hunt
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol Decisions
  • Growing in Communities
  • Growing on My Own
  • Growing With Others
  • The Truth about Tobacco
  • Tobacco and You
  • Adventures in Home Living
  • Designing Interiors
  • Your First Home AWay from Home
  • Draft Horse
  • Learning to Jump
  • Rope
  • Lawn Care
  • Multi-Level 4-H Teen Leadership
  • Speak Out
  • Teen Boardmanship
  • Teen Leadership on the Job
  • Becoming Money Wise Level 1 and 2
  • Money Fun-damentals- Book 1
  • Money Moves- Book 2
  • Adventures with Your Camera!
  • 4-H Poultry Production- Raising Pulletts
  • 4-H Poultry Production: Raising Broilers
  • Raising Fancy Poultry
  • Robotics 1: NeXT Technology
  • Robotics 2: NeXT Steps
  • 4-H Archery Member Record Book
  • Swine Breeding PRoject and Record Book
  • Becoming a Puppeteer
  • Get in the Act
  • Soaring into Action Act 1
  • Quest for Expression Act 3
  • Voyaging Beyond Act 4
  • Exploring Ohio Ponds
  • Exploring Our Forests
  • Exploring Our Insect World 1
  • Exploring Our Insect World 2
  • Let’s Explore the Outdoors 1
  • Let’s Explore the Outdoors 2
  • Tree Planting
  • Animal Disease 4-H Veterinary Science Unit 2
  • Animal Health and Its Relationship To Our World Unit 3
  • Creative Writing for Teens
  • Breads of Harvest
  • Incubation and Embryonic Development
  • 10 various arts and crafts books
  • Various gardening for youth books and resources


Quantities vary and the cost per book is $1.00.  If you are interested, please contact us at 937-372-9971 or stop by the Extension Office to check out these great books!