Attention all Fancy Exhibition and Breeding Poultry


Due to the fact there is no S. pullorum antigen available for testing, Ohio is waiving the S. pullorum testing requirement for the 2019 fair season.

The exception to this waiver is out-of-state poultry that do not have a VS form 9-3. The VS form 9-3 signifies that the poultry are from a NPIP flock that is free of S. pullorum. Ohio is currently S. pullorum free.

Attention Poultry Exhibitors

Are you looking for some resources to help you learn about your poultry project?  Skillathons will be here before we know it.

This website is a great resource for diseases and parasites. Click here.  

Ohio 4-H has great resources listed with pictures.  There is information on breeds, parts, nutrition, selection, showing, and more.  Please take some time to review this too. Click here

We sell the printed copies of this for $14.00 if you want a hard copy.  Please let us know.

Also, don’t forget our Poultry Clinic on April 24 at 6:00.  Quality Assurance will be offered at the clinic.  Don’t miss out!

Great Poultry Resource Available

Here is a great resource for youth taking poultry projects this year.  We will have copies available here for purchase if you would like to stop by and pick them up.  The cost is $12.  Let us know if you would like one!  Email or call the office at 937-392-9971, ext. 123 or 131

Click here: Basic Information about Chickens

Some information included in this great resource include selection, anatomy and physiology, production, behavior, management, breeds, nutrition, housing, health, and so much more!