4-H Food and Nutrition Portfolios

Are you taking a food and nutrition project in 4-H this year?  Please read the specifics of your nutrition portfolio.

The Portfolio is project specific and is used to enhance a conversation between the member and a judge about activities the member completed within the project. The participant will be responsible for bringing a 3 pronged folder or binder that includes 8 ½” x 11” pages. Participants will create a maximum of one page (one-sided only) per “activity area” or “interest area” as designated in the front of their project books. Ideas for these pages include journaling, a timeline, and photos taken during their project, or any other format that would illustrate the work and knowledge of the participant. Each page could be different or can be a combination of styles allowing the 4-H’er to reflect on their learning experience. There will be no points for scrapbooking style. The portfolio is to be completed prior to
arriving at judging.

Are you wanting to make sure you have the pages correct for your specific project?  Check out this helpful link! 

Let us know if you have any questions!