Virtual 4-H Club Leadership Training

Join us as 4-H professionals from southwest Ohio put on this Virtual 4-H Club Leadership Training.


It will take place on Monday, February 15 from 10:00 a.m.-noon

Register at by Feb. 11.


We will have several breakout sessions including officer resources, mock meeting, zoom tips and tricks, parli pro, virtual club activities, and how to prepare for meeting.

A New FUN and Educational Activity for your 4-H Club


REAL media is an exciting new club activity for 4-H members ages 13-16 that is also educational! In 5 short, online activities, REAL media is about how advertising tries to manipulate youth and how youth can create their own messages to fight back and help protect their friends and community.

REAL media works in schools and a small community organization. Now we want to be sure it works in 4-H so we are conducting a study. Youth will complete surveys during the process, earning up to $50 each for participation.  Leaders will help recruit and encourage club members, receiving up to $100 for their help.

Activities will begin early in 2018 so please sign up now!

National 4-H endorsed this activity because it helps members fulfill the 4-H PLEDGE:

My head to clearer thinking – by encouraging them to think critically about media messages and make better decisions

My heart to greater loyalty – to have a more positive self-concept and care for the health and well-being of their communities

My hands to larger service – by serving their communities through promoting drug-free living and developing their communication skills

My health to better living – by promoting their own drug-free living and developing ethical standards for media

For my club, my community, my county, and my world. I believe in 4-H work for the opportunity it will give me to become a useful citizen – this is the essence of REAL media, too!

Your club can help and have fun at the same time!  There is a contest and cash rewards!

 To learn more about the project and what participation involves, please browse our “What is REAL media” page.  To be a part of REAL media and sign up for the study, please go to “How to Get Involved”:

Other versions of the program have been shown to reduce substance use in schools and a small community group. National 4-H, along with our state 4-H leaders, want to know if REAL media works in 4-H as well, and OH clubs have the opportunity to use it and participate in this exciting project!

Use of this activity is being facilitated by our research partners at Rutgers University and REAL Prevention, LLC. In addition to completing the REAL media activity, youth will be asked to complete a few surveys.

Bottom line:

  • REAL media is brief (takes less than 2 hours total, and as much or as little time as teens want to create a substance prevention poster or video message);
  • it’s fun and engaging (it was developed WITH feedback from actual 4-H members and leaders);
  • there are cash incentives for completion of each survey (up to $50);
  • poster and video messages will be entered into a state-wide social media contest and there are cash prizes for winners;
  • youth also receive a certificate for their project books/portfolios;

Club leaders need to sign-up their clubs in order to participate at: