Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge

This year we’re going to space and the challenge happens on Mars! Cloverbuds will design a place to live on the Red Planet and create a model featuring their method of transportation. The 4-H Cloverbot Challenge will be virtual via Zoom on Monday, July 12 or Thursday, July 22 from 6:30-8 p.m. All teams must register by June 30 and new teams can order a kit to help them get started at a reduced rate thanks to support from the Ohio 4-H Foundation.

For all details: visit https://ohio4h.org/families/cloverbuds/cloverbot-challenge

I am looking forward to seeing many Greene County Cloverbuds!

New Cloverbud Connections Post

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This weeks is titled “Utilizing Children’s Books to Have Tough Conversations.”

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4-H Cloverbud Resources

There are some wonderful resources geared towards our youngest 4-H members, our Cloverbuds!

Some of these can be purchased directly from Extension Publications Office or us once we are back in the office.

There are some greatly resources ready to download and use too.

Check out the links on the pictures above.


4-H Cloverbud Update

This year’s 4-H Cloverbot Challenge will be virtual and individual Cloverbuds are encouraged to participate instead of working in groups/clubs.

The Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge gives 4-H Cloverbuds the opportunity to work cooperatively in teams to problem-solve using STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) skills. A new theme is selected each year and teams  research a topic, build a working model of their solution to the Challenge issue and create a poster to illustrate their findings. Cloverbuds, team advisors and families come to the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center in the spring, for the Challenge event. Teams present their models and findings to a team of reviewers, learn about other Cloverbuds’ projects, participate in age-appropriate STEM activities and are recognized at a closing celebration.

This year’s 4-H Cloverbot Challenge will be virtual!

Here’s how it will work:

  • All Cloverbuds are welcome to participate.
  • No registration is required.
  • The theme remains the same: On the Move. Read the Challenge details at the link below for more information, BUT…no poster is required!
  • Create your model out of interlocking bricks (e.g., Mega Bloks, LEGOs) and take a photo.
  • Send your photo to boomershine.10@osu.edu or mcclaskey.12@osu.edu with your NAME, COUNTY and one sentence describing your model. Only the Cloverbud’s first name will be displayed.
  • Deadline is June 13.
  • Photos will be uploaded weekly to an online gallery on ohio4h.org
  • Cloverbuds will receive a certificate of participation to the email sent for submission

More Information: https://ohio4h.org/families/cloverbuds/cloverbot-challenge
Deadline for submissions: June 13, 2020