New for 2019!  There are important pre-fair judging and livestock pen assignment information in this post.  Here is the deadline information:

DUE JUNE 28, 2019

Fair Entry (Pen Assignments): All youth exhibitors will need to follow these steps to complete their entries for fair.  This is due by June 28!  It is open now.  Don’t miss the deadline.  YOU MUST HAVE AN ANIMAL LISTED FOR IT TO BE APPROVED. Click here for the directions!

Here is a video link on how to use the Fair Entry if that is easier for you to follow.  Click here for video

To complete Greene County entries, please visit 

All animal projects will be entered through this system for exhibition at the 2019 Greene County Junior Fair. With time and patience, we hope you find this new system beneficial to all parties. Please follow all on-screen directions and feel free to contact the Extension Office with any questions at 937-372-9971. Once all entries are complete you will receive a confirmation email for your records.



We are using 4-H Online to sign up for pre-fair judging times.  Please refer to these directions.  We also have the judges for each project.  Now is the time to sign up so you can pick what time you prefer.

Click here for the directions.


Feel free to stop by our office Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30 for help in completing this requirement.  

4-H Member Enrollment

Online enrollment is open for Greene County 4-H members.  After talking with a club leader to ensure meeting club requirements, members are open to enroll for 2019.

We are currently at 83 enrolled members for 2019.  Deadline is March 1.

The 200th approved member will win a 4-H goodie bag and a Subway gift card.

A few reminders when completing enrollment:

  1.  All projects listed when you click submit are what you would be enrolled in for 2019.  If you are not taking a project that you took last year, that project needs deleted.
  2. If you are changing clubs, please delete that club prior to submitting.
  3. If you need to order books, you must contact our office.  We place orders every Friday.

Visit the website for some tips on completing enrollment.

We are looking forward to a great 4-H year!

Maybe you will be the 200th approved member!

Attention All 4-H Volunteers

Let’s complete the 4-H Online Enrollment for 2019!  As a reminder, all volunteers need to update their information by visiting

We are currently at 38 volunteers who have completed their enrollment for 2019.  In order to be approved, volunteers need to be cleared with current background check and have completed a training (in-person or online).  The deadline to update this in March 1.

The 100th approved volunteer will win a 4-H goodie bag and a Subway gift card.

4-H Online: Youth and Volunteer Enrollment

The Greene County Extension Office is excited to announce that we are accepting 4-H enrollments to the 4-H Online enrollment system. Please log on to to enroll in 4-H. All families will need to review their members’ information and re-enroll for 2019 via 4-HOnline.  Please make sure you delete any projects that you from last year that you are not taking this year.

For steps to re-enroll, please click here or visit here for helpful videos.

If your family is looking to enroll in 4-H for the very first time, please read below:

New Members/Families:

  1. Choose a club which meets in your area, a club your child’s friends are in, or contact the Extension Office for more information.  Contact the club advisor. Youth may join 4-H at any time; however, to participate in the Greene County Fair, they must be enrolled by March 1.
  2. Complete an online enrollment form at and select “I need to setup a profile.” OR contact the Extension Office for additional enrollment information.


  1.  Please complete your enrollment and update any information as needed.
  2. Complete the online training or attend an in-person training.  When training is completed, we will approve you.  Trainings must be completed by February 28 for the 2019 4-H year.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Feel free to stop by during business hours to complete this if that is easier for you.


8 Days Remaining!

4-H enrollment is due next Thursday, March 8.  Please complete all online paperwork using .  Let us know if you have any problems or questions!


Need a club?  Click here


Need help completing online paperwork?  Please visit our website for helpful hints.  We even have several videos for you to watch to help with the online paperwork enrollment.  Click here


Please remember that the online enrollment system works with Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer.


Volunteers, have you updated your profile?  Please do so!





4-H Enrollment Deadline

Greene County 4-H is utilizing online enrollments for 2018.  Beginning this year, please log on to  to enroll in 4-H. All families will need to review their members’ information and re-enroll for 2018 via 4-H Online.

Please share this with anyone who might be interested in joining 4-H!

For steps to re-enroll, please see 

Click here for written instructions on how to use
4-H Online

On our website at has videos for the following enrollments:

Club Advisor 4-H Online Training

Just a reminder that we have another 4-H volunteer training at 5:00 followed by 4-H Online Club Advisor training at 6, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10 at the Extension Office.


If you have a laptop, you might want to bring it.  This might help so you can follow along.  We can help get everyone connected to the internet.


See you there!