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Five new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1268 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter: http://u.osu.edu/beef/

Throughout the years of looking at soil test reports, it’s become apparent that when fertilizer is in short supply and expensive, for many, one of the first places we look to economize is the hay field. Unfortunately, this is seldom a viable solution. Much like with the cattle we manage, we can’t starve profit into a hay field. This week we dig deeper into managing the hay field in times of expensive or limited supplies of fertilizer.

Articles this week include:

  • Can I afford to fertilize my hay?
  • Reduce Forage Losses During Winter Feeding
  • A Basic Approach to Winter Supplementation of the Beef Cow Herd
  • Interpretation and Use of Expected Progeny Differences
  • Rising Food Prices and Beef Demand

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