4-H Club Meeting Toolkit

4-H Advisors! Start your 4-H year with seven ready-to-go club meeting agendas detailing a family kick-off, team building, officer elections, public speaking and more. Learn how to adapt in-person activities to a virtual setting and strategies for including Cloverbuds. Find it at go.osu.edu/clubmeetingtoolkit.

The Ohio 4-H Grab & Go Club Meeting Toolkit provides 4-H volunteers and teen leaders with seven (7) club meeting agendas to help plan for the 4-H year. Each agenda is two pages. The first page provides an overview of the topic, a sample agenda and resources to put ideas into action. The second page provides in-depth explanations and specific strategies.

Agenda Title Pages
#1: Family Meeting Kick-Off 2-3
#2: Icebreakers/Team Building 4-5
#3: Election of Officers 6-7
#4: Public Speaking Activities 8-9
#5: Educational Programs 10-11
#6: Planning Club Fundraisers 12-13
#7: End of Year Review 14-15

Go Virtual

Each agenda highlights how to adapt in-person 4-H activities to a virtual setting. Clubs may discover creative solutions that remain part of their club tradition for years to come.

Include Cloverbuds

Each agenda highlights strategies for including Cloverbuds in developmentally appropriate, non-competitive club activities.

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