4-H Virtual Mailboxes for Animal Pictures and Livestock Location

We wanted to make sure you saw the update last Friday.  We have set up virtual mailboxes for you to upload pictures and more.  Please note the change for 2020.  Since we can’t have tag-in we need pictures for the following:

We also have the option to upload additional paperwork if it applies for market sheep and market goat.  This includes the homegrown form and the dairy goat form if needed.

The livestock location form has a virtual mailbox too.  Please visit www.go.osu.edu/greenelivestocklocation .  You can find the form to upload on our website by clicking here.  If you would rather, you can fill in the blanks at the www.go.osu.edu/greenelivestocklocation instead.

Please note that the pictures and the livestock location form need to be completed by May 8.

Lastly, before submitting the links, please make sure the information is completed.  This includes selecting the picture, uploading the document, and filling out the blanks.  Otherwise, it will be consider incomplete.  Please make sure you continue to fill in the information and click next until the survey is completed!

Let any of us know if you have any questions. Just a reminder that our office is still closed but we can be reached by email or you can call the office and the call will be forwarded to us.

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