Ohio Afterschool Network (OAN) Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge

OAN Pitch Challenge: Fun, Exciting and Easy to Implement

Research shows that cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in students – skills such as initiative, self-reliance, adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and communication – help pave the way for success in school and life.

The Ohio Afterschool Network is making it easy and fun to teach entrepreneurship: free K-12 Young Entrepreneur Pitch toolkit, webinars and technical assistance. Homeschool, afterschool clubs, community- and faith-based programs that serve high school students can participate in the OAN Pitch Challenge and give their students the opportunity to pitch their ideas, compete for prizes, and meet successful entrepreneurs.

Program can get involved in three easy steps:

  1. Register your high school program before March 2
  2.  Use the free Young Entrepreneur Pitch curriculum and get free resources to teach entrepreneurship
  3. Hold a pitch challenge in your program

The top two pitches advance to regional contests and the top regional pitches advance to the May 6th OAN State Pitch Challenge.

The May 6th OAN State Pitch Challenge, held in conjunction with COSI Science Festival, gives high school students an opportunity to explore COSI, cheer on competitors at the live pitch MC’d by Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and participate in clinics with successful entrepreneurs at Rev1 Ventures!  Tickets to COSI, lunch, and stipends to offset transportation costs are provided.

An informational webinar will be conducted on Thursday, January 16th at noon. Register here. A full day intensive training on teaching entrepreneurship to high school students will be held at the Ohio Afterschool Network Best Foot Forward Conference on Thursday, February 20th and a 90-minute for adults who work with elementary and middle school students will be held on Friday, February 21st.  More information is available here.

For more information Visit OAN’s website or contact Liz Nusken, liz@oanohio.org, for more information.

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