Beef Quality Assurance Certification – October 28, 2019

Beef Quality Assurance Certification – October 28, 2019

Join OSU Extension Greene County on October 28, 2019 at 5 p.m. for a Beef Quality Assurance Certification at the office on the fairgrounds. Beef and dairy farmers should strongly consider becoming certified if they have not done so already.

In 2019, some of America’s largest meat distributers will only buy beef that is from BQA Certified producers. This certification is not mandated by law. However, it is being required by some of the links that make up the beef supply chain, including auction barns, feed lots, packers, retailers, and consumers. Essentially, marketing beef without BQA certification will become increasingly difficult and those who do so successfully may find their compensation inadequate.

The October 28, Greene County training will certify participants for three years. This opportunity is for any beef or dairy cattle producer in Greene County or surrounding area at $10 per person to cover educational materials.

Please note, there are two Beef Quality Assurance Programs in one evening.

Beef Quality Assurance Certification – 5 p.m. – If you have not already gotten your BQA Certification, this is one of your last chances for 2019. In today’s market, it is important to take advantage of any and all opportunities that make our cattle more desirable to the buyer sitting in the stands. As of now, Wendy’s restaurant, Tyson Foods and multiple auctions have announced that they will require producers to be certified in BQA in order to market their cattle or serve their product.

Transportation BQA – 6:30 p.m. – If you haul cattle, this may be for you. By the start of 2020, the major beef cattle processors have requested that any livestock hauler delivering cattle to their facilities be certified in Beef Quality Assurance –Transport (BQAT). Any professional hauler or farmer delivering loads of cattle to a processor should plan on attending. Much like producer BQA, the goal of the BQAT program is to make sure that cattle transporters are implementing good animal handling and transport practices. The training will last approx. two hours.

Visit to more details and to register for these upcoming programs. Questions on Beef Quality Assurance can be directed to OSU Extension Greene County, Trevor Corboy, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator at 937-372-9971 ext. 114 or

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