Drug Use Notification Form Must be Completed and Turned in!

The Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF example) must be completed by all market and lactating livestock that are exhibited at the Greene County Fair. See list below.

  • Ohio Revised Code 901-19-06
    • DUNFs are required of the following species:
      • Market: Steer, Hog, Lamb, Dairy Steer, Goat, Poultry (by pen), Veal Calf

      • Lactating: Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats

      • Greene County has all rabbit and feeder calf exhibitors too!
    • No person shall submit an incomplete, illegible or unsigned DUNF
    • If the DUNF is incomplete, the exhibitor shall correct / complete the form prior to :
      • Receiving any prizes or awards for that exhibit; or
      • Participating in the show or sale for the the DUNF was completed.
    • Youth will receive these forms when they arrive to fair.
    • Please ensure they are filled out completely and are readable!
    • Make sure all boxes are checked.
    • Signatures need to be on this form too!

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