Stay Warm and Complete 4-H Enrollment for Youth and Online Training for Volunteers!

No need to go outside today.  Stay inside and complete your 2019 4-H enrollment.

For youth:

A few reminders when completing enrollment:

  1.  All projects listed when you click submit are what you would be enrolled in for 2019.  If you are not taking a project that you took last year, that project needs deleted.
  2. If you are changing clubs, please delete that club prior to submitting.
  3. If you need to order books, you must contact our office.  We place orders every Friday.

Visit the website for some tips on completing enrollment.  You will receive an email confirmation when you are confirmed.

We are getting close to our 200th confirmed enrollment!  The winner will receive a 4-H goodie bag.

For volunteers:

As a reminder, all volunteers must attend a training each year or complete online training.

Stay inside and do the online training today.  Here are all of the directions. Visit this website for the directions.  

Please be mindful that you will receive an email confirmation when you are confirmed for this year.

We are getting very close to our 100th confirmed enrollment for volunteers.  The winner will receive a 4-H goodie bag!

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