4-H Chick Quest


Are you an Ohio classroom educator who wants to bring the science of the life cycle into your classroom in the most amazing and exciting way?  Are you a parent who would love to see this program in your child’s classroom?  Then, please share this information!

What can we learn from a chick? Find out with ChickQuest, a Science Alive 4-H School Enrichment program that challenges youth to use science, technology, engineering, and math skills to investigate the life cycle of an embryonic chicken egg. From monitoring living eggs to observing fluffy chicks, these lively activities pique curiosity, encourage collaboration and communication, and provide young scientists with unforgettable experiences.

It is time to sign up for 4-H Chick Quest for the spring 2019.  Please click go.osu.edu/greenecounty4hchickquest

It is a first come first serve basis.  We have enough to have 33 classes for each session.  Please feel free to share this information and link with any other teachers that might be interested.

I am excited to share a few changes to help increase the hatch rate.  I have purchased automatic egg turners for each incubator!  I am also asking teachers to pick up supplies (everything except the eggs) the week before you get the eggs.  Then, I will drop off a dozen fertilized eggs to you on the following Tuesday.  This way, your incubator is up to temperature and ready to go.  I am really hoping this helps make it a great experience!  Lastly, Ohio 4-H has a great resource for teachers called the 4-H Chick Quest log book for students.  This has activities and resources for students for all lessons leading up to hatching.  If you are interested in this, a set of 25 along with a 21 day poster of the chicks is $35.00.  This is totally optional but I wanted to offer it if you are interested in this resource for your class.  If you want to read more and see some pages in the book, please click here.  https://projectcentral.ohio4h.org/publications/chickquest-logbook-individual/

Please have each teacher fill out the link so I know how many teachers I have participating for each session.

The cost for 1 dozen fertilized eggs, teaching kit, and incubator, and automatic egg turner is $25.00.  We are again offering just 1 dozen fertilized eggs which cost $15.00.

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