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Corn Newsletter
July 31 – August 6, 2018
Editors: Jeff Stachler

Japanese Beetles in Corn and Soybean
Kelley  Tilmon, Andy Michel
We have been hearing reports of Japanese beetles in corn and soybean.? These beetles are large with a shiny copper and green color.? Foliage feeding in corn is almost never economic, though economic damage from silk clipping is possible (though rare).? Consider a rescue treatment when? silks are

Night Temperatures Impact Corn Yield
Alexander Lindsey, Peter Thomison
Low night temperatures during the grain fill period (which typically occurs in July and August) have been associated with some of our highest corn yields in Ohio. The cool night temperatures may have lengthened the grain fill period and reduced respiration losses during grain fill.

Estimating Corn Yields at Early Stages of Kernel Development
Peter Thomison
Corn growers often want to estimate grain yields prior to harvest in order to help with marketing and harvest plans.

Estimating Soybean Yield
Laura Lindsey
To estimate soybean yield, four yield components need to be considered: plants per acre, pods per plant, seeds per pod, and seeds per pound (seed size).? A printable worksheet to estimate soybean yield can be found by

2018 Ohio Wheat Performance Test
Laura Lindsey
Results of the 2018 Ohio Wheat Performance Test are available online at:

Late Summer Establishment of Perennial Forages
Rory Lewandowski, CCA, Mark Sulc
Ohio growers experienced another wet spring and compressed 2018 spring planting season.? On some farms, this caused postponement of plans for spring seeding of alfalfa and other perennial forages.? In some areas, the prolonged wet weather affected forage harvest schedules, resulting in harvest eq

Western Bean Cutworm:  Adult Moth Catches Continue to Increase in Northeast Ohio
Amy Raudenbush, John Schoenhals, CCA, Mark Badertscher, Amanda Bennett, Bruce Clevenger, CCA, Sam Custer, Tom Dehass, Allen Gahler, Jason Hartschuh, CCA, Ed Lentz, CCA, Rory Lewandowski, CCA, Cecilia Lokai-Minnich, David Marrison, Les Ober, CCA, Eric Richer, CCA, Garth Ruff, Jeff Stachler, Curtis Young, CCA, Chris Zoller, Andy Michel, Kelley  Tilmon
Western bean cutworm (WBC) adult moth catches are beginning to decrease for the majority of Ohio counties with an exception in Northeast Ohio. For week ending July 28, 18 counties monitored 63 traps (Figure 1). Overall, there was an average of 15 moths per trap (945 total captured).

Variable Rate Seeding Focus Group
Laura Lindsey
Ohio State University is partnering with Michigan State University to hold three Variable Rate Seeding Focus Groups during the month of August. We are interested in learning more about how YOU make seeding rate decisions to fine-turn our research and extension outreach.

Southwest Corn Growers And Fayette County Agronomy Committee Field Day:  August 14th
Ken Ford
Fayette County is known for its rich heritage in the Agriculture Industry. What better place for agricultural organizations such as Ohio State University

No-Till Field Day in Wooster
Rory Lewandowski, CCA
The OSU-OARDC in Wooster is the site of a No-Till Field Day on August 29 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.? The event is organized by the Ohio No-Till Council with assistance from the Wayne County SWCD and Extension offices.? The day features a visit to and sessions around the historic Triplett-Van Dor


Southwest Ohio Corn Growers and Fayette County Agronomy Field Day

Ohio No-Till Field Day (Wooster)

Farm Science Review Agronomy College

Farm Science Review

Glen Arnold, CCA (Field Specialist, Manure Nutrient Management )
Mark Badertscher (Hardin County)
David Dugan (Adams County)
Kathaleen Kuhn
Rory Lewandowski, CCA (Wayne County)
Laura Lindsey (State Specialist, Soybean and Small Grains)
Mark Loux (State Specialist, Weed Science)
Erika  Lyon, CCA (Jefferson and Harrison Counties)
Andy Michel (State Specialist, Entomology)
Sarah Noggle (Paulding County)
Les Ober, CCA (Geauga County)
Dennis Riethman (Mercer County)
Jeff Stachler (Auglaize County)
Peter Thomison (Extension Specialist, Corn Production)
Harold D. Watters, CPAg/CCA (Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems)

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