Ohio BEEF Cattle letter

Dear Ohio BEEF Cattle letter subscribers,


Seven new articles have been posted in this week’s 1097th issue of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter: http://u.osu.edu/beef/


State wide, few springs have been as challenging as this one for getting quality forages harvested in a timely fashion. Now that first cutting might finally be concluded – in many parts of Ohio, just within the past week  – the challenge of finding a way to feed it effectively commences. This week Mark Landefeld addresses the situation.


Articles this week include:

  • You Finally Got the Hay Made, How Good is It?
  • Heat Stress in Feedlot Cattle
  • Water; Vital to Beating Summer Heat
  • Adequate Vegetative Cover Vital for Efficient Moisture Utilization
  • Manure Science Review – Wednesday, July 25
  • Weekly Livestock Comments for July 6, 2018
  • Abundance of Feedstuffs Lend Strength to Calf Prices

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