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Dear Ohio BEEF Cattle letter subscribers,


Out of respect for Independence Day, six new articles have been posted a day early in this week’s 1096th issue of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:


As the saying goes, “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Thus far this year very little related to anything that’s grown or raised outdoors has been easy. This week we focus on alternatives for dealing with many of the feed related challenges we’ve enjoyed to this point in 2018.


Articles this week include:

  • Avoiding Forage Shortages
  • When Rain Wrecks Your Pasture Plan!
  • Alternatives Remain for Producing High Quality Forages This Year
  • Stored Forage Production Systems
  • Feeding Sprouted or Otherwise Damaged Wheat to Beef Cattle
  • Weekly Livestock Comments for June 29, 2018

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