1090th Issue of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter

Dear Ohio BEEF Cattle letter subscribers,

Seven new articles have been posted in this week’s 1090th issue of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter: http://u.osu.edu/beef/

While experiencing nearly impossible hay making weather thus far this spring, we’re also learning that hay inventories in Ohio are down by a third from this time a year ago. And this week, Levi Russell tells us this is apparently the case throughout much of the U.S.

Articles this week include:

  • Gaining Greater Market Access for Ohio Feeder Calves
  • Sidedressing Manure into Newly Planted and Emerged Corn
  • Beef AGRI NEWS Today, the May Podcast
  • Short Pastures and Supplementation Considerations
  • Initial Hay and Pasture Data Don’t Look Good
  • Weekly Livestock Comments for May 18, 2018
  • Entering the Summer Doldrums

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