4-H Hog Pictures Due!


Hog Pictures are Due May 9

Pictures must be turned into the Extension Office by May 9 by 4:30 p.m. There only needs to be two pictures per pig for each market hog. One picture showing the ear notches and one picture of a side view. On the back of each picture put: exhibitor name, exhibitor club name, and pig gender. Note if there are multiple siblings and pigs, it is allowed to put both exhibitors name on the same picture. Example family has two kids and four pigs, take the two pictures of each pig (8 pictures total) and put both kids name along with pig’s sex and ear notch on each picture. Then both kids will be eligible to show any of the four pigs. HARD COPIES ONLY.  ELECTRONIC COPIES (INCLUDING EMAILED PICTURES, FAXED PICTURES, CD- DISC PICTURES, FLASH-DRIVE PICTURES, ETC.) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! 

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