Expand Your Family’s Horizons by Hosting a Japanese Boy This Summer! (July 23 to Aug. 17, 2018)

Looking for some new fun and excitement this summer? Host a boy from Japan in your home for 3½ weeks! (July 23 to Aug. 17) The Ohio 4-H International Program is offering hosting opportunities to families who have boys aged 10-15, and Japanese boys on the other side of the world are anxiously waiting to learn who their new family might be! The focus is on everyday family life. Special trips and activities are not required. Medical insurance is provided.

What’s involved with hosting?

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Who are the Japanese Youth? Scroll below for a representative list of boys needing host families. They have a wide variety of interests!

What are some ideas for the Homestay? Hosting is Easy and Fun!

Click here for more information!  http://www.ohio4h.org/international

How to Apply: Visit  Application Form to complete an application which includes references, background check and in-home interview.

Contact: If interested, please act soon! We are making host family assignments as soon as possible. Please reply to this email (Mary Lynn Thalheimer at thalheimer.1@osu.edu).

Deadline: Applications are accepted until all boys are placed.The earlier the better, but please contact us regardless of when you receive this email.

(Please share this message with others who may be interested in this exciting summer program.)


Representative List of Japanese BOYS: 

Boy – age 12. Likes sports, soccer, running, kendo (Japanese fencing), camping, swimming, tennis, cooking, music and piano. Describes himself as curious, sensitive, cheerful, patient, talkative, sociable, tolerant, diligent and laughs a lot. Favorite subjects: science and P.E. “I hope to have several siblings. I want to play soccer with my host brother and his friends.”

Boy – age 13. Likes handicrafts (especially wood-working), cooking (making sweets), soccer, swimming, camping, music, singing and traveling. Describes himself as tidy, curious, sensitive, sociable and laughs a lot. Favorite subjects: math science, music, technique and homemaking. “My goal for the homestay is communication with my host family, and helping them and cooking for them.”

Boy – age 14. Likes sports, camping, swimming, fishing, skiing, ping-pong, comics and animation. Describes himself as sociable, diligent, talkative and laughs a lot. Favorite subject: Social Sciences. “It’s nice to meet you! Let’s have fun together!”

Learn about other cultures without leaving home through Ohio 4-H!

NOTE: The 2018 Japanese girls have all been placed. Please email Mary Lynn if you’d like to be placed on an informational email list for hosting a girl next year!  thalheimer.1@osu.edu

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