How to Sync Outlook’s Calendar with Your Google Calendar: Three Options

My entire life is in my Google Calendar... this won't be an easy adjustment...

My entire life is in my Google Calendar… this won’t be an easy adjustment…

Show of hands – how many people panicked recently when your County Director mentioned that per University policy, we’ll all have to switch to Microsoft Outlook’s calendar to keep track of our daily schedules? I know I didn’t particularly have a good feeling in my stomach. I’ve kept track of my work, personal, and kids’ sports schedules on Google Calendar for more than 5 years… and, being the Google Geek that I am, I don’t feel like switching over any time soon. For those who would like to continue utilizing Google Calendar, but don’t want to manage two separate calendars, you do have a few options.

Google Sync used to be the tried-and-try method of syncing Outlook with Google Calendar. But it’s now long gone with Google no longer offering or supporting it as of August, 2014. Boo. BUT this is the best summary I’ve found with new options that are out there if you really want to sync your calendars without switching completely to Outlook

I apologize for the lack of a step-by-step video, but there simply aren’t any good ones out there yet since the change with Google Sync occurred so recently. I’ll keep searching and let you all know if I find anything – or share a video link in the comments if you come across one!

You also have the option of only syncing both calendars on your mobile device. When you log into your OSU email and Google account from your mobile device, it will pull both calendars into your mobile device calendar. Of course, this however will not allow you to edit one event on both calendars simultaneously… you only have access to both calendars in one location. Bummer, I know.

Of course, the final option is to simply stop using Google Calendar and completely switch over to Outlook. You can do this by importing what is currently in your Google Calendar… and then only use Outlook from that point forward.

Questions? Let us know in the comments or you can contact Don Ordaz with technical questions and issues. If you have found a better tutorial than the ones shared so far, let us know in the comments!