Don’t Just Google It! For Credible Sources, use the eXtension Search Portal

How many times have you had a phone call from a client asking how long to cook a certain size turkey? Or how to eradicate a certain bug that has taken over someone’sgarden? Most of us know which sources are our “go-to” sources for credible information. But when off-the-wall questions catch me off guard, I tend to use Google to find the answer. Of course, sometimes it takes a while for me to find a credible source in the Google search results! The eXtension search portal isn’t as utilized as it should be. It’s an easy way to use Google and ensure that you’re results will be credible, research based information. The combination of which, can be hard to come by online at times.

Go to the search portal: and play around for a bit to see what results come up based on your search, then compare to regular Google results. I guarantee you’ll spend less time sorting through unreliable sources!

Do you have experience using the eXtension portal? What are some issues you’ve had with Googling client questions?