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The OSU Extension Ed Tech Unit prides itself on offering programs, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to Extension staff across the state. We cater to the Ed Tech needs of teams, county and regional offices, and individual program and support staff. While we spend a lot of time answering questions about web tools, apps, software, and digital content creation, we understand that sometimes, Extension staff may not know what questions to ask or where to start with digital content creation. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of “canned” workshop topics that we feel will teach important skills for impactful digital content creation. If your team, county office, or region is interested in having an Ed Tech teach one of the programs below, let us know!

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Video Creation

Interested in creating educational or marketing videos for your programs? This workshop covers the use of iMovie (for Mac users) and Pinnacle (for PC users) for video editing, basic video capture equipment like lighting, microphones, and cameras, as well as best practices for video creation. Request a Video Creation Workshop

eNewsletter Creation

eNewsletters can be a great way to keep your clients up-to-date on important county issues and upcoming Extension programming. This workshop covers the use of MailChimp to create beautifully branded eNewsletters. We’ll also explore MailChimp’s ability to capture analytics so you know how many people are opening your newsletter and what content they are most interested in seeing. Request an eNewsletter Creation Workshop

Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming a popular way to reach a global audience with little effort. Learn the basics of live streaming like the best tools to use, where to save live stream videos, and examples of how to use live streaming in Extension programming. Request a Live Streaming Workshop

Blogging Best Practices

Did you know that every OSU employee has access to a blogging platform through If you’re interested in starting and maintaining a blog but aren’t sure how to get started, this workshop is for you! We’ll cover the basics like how to get your blog up and running and best blogging practices to grow your audience and keep them engaged. For OSUE professionals who are already authoring blog posts, blog authorship best practices can also be covered. Request a Blogging Best Practices Workshop

Social Media Basics

What social media platform is best for you? In this workshop, we’ll cover how to determine which social media tools are best for reaching your audience, how to set up your account and properly brand your graphics, how and when to post for maximum user engagement, and where to find data to evaluate and report your social media use. Request a Social Media Basics Workshop

Social Media Strategy

Already know the basics of social media but need help developing a strategy to grow and engage your audience? This workshop will provide in-depth information on developing your content strategy and taking your social media use to the next level. If necessary, we’ll also cover proper branding and where to find data to evaluate and report your social media use. Request a Social Media Strategy Workshop

Online Course Design for Formal Learning Environments

If you’re interested in creating a formal online course, the Ed Tech Unit would be happy to facilitate a training with the CFAES eLearning Professionals. This workshop would cover the best tools to use for your intended class or training and best practices for course design. Keep in mind that online courses lend themselves particularly well to formal training programs and may not be the recommended route for your project or program. Contact Jamie or Danae to determine if a formal learning environment is necessary or if something else would better suit your needs. Request an Online Course Design Workshop

If you’re interested in one of the workshop topics, but aren’t sure whether it’s a good fit for your group, contact Jamie or Danae to discuss an adapted version of the program that better fits your needs. Please keep in mind that depending on the program topic, minimum participant requirements may apply.