Innovate Extension Provides Real Impact

OSU Extension hosted the very first Innovate Extension event in May 2016. Since then, the reach and impact of our Innovate Extension events has grown. North Dakota State University Extension, Utah State University Extension, and Oregon State University Extension have each hosted their own Innovate Extension event funded, in part, by the eXtension Foundation. Additionally, Delaware State University Extension will host their inaugural Innovate event in October 2017 and other state universities like Michigan State, Missouri State, and Texas A&M have each expressed interest in hosting similar hackathon-style events in the near future.

Our 2017 Innovate Extension event in Ohio attracted new Extension participants and created the opportunity for teams to work with the most innovative community and business leaders from throughout the Columbus region. The integration of innovators from outside Extension was a huge hit and created lasting impact for our teams as they ideated, designed, and pitched their projects.

Check out the videos below from our 2017 Innovate Extension coaches and judges to learn about the impact of these hackathon-style events.

What is a Hackathon?

How Has Innovate Extension Benefited You?

Our Innovate Extension events focus on cross-programmatic collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Here are a few ways your OSU Extension colleagues are thinking and working differently as a result of attending an Innovate Extension event:

How has Innovate Extension changed the way you identify or develop programs?

“I seek out input from others more. I ask people what they think; often they will see something I don’t.”

“More time, research, and group discussion are part of developing a program.”

How has Innovate Extension changed how you approach teamwork?

“We recognize individual differences and strengths of coworkers and seek everyone’s ideas before proceeding.”

“I try to encourage all voices on the team, especially from ones normally more quiet.”

Describe how participating in Innovate Extension has allowed you to be more creative or innovative in your Extension work.

“Participating in the program helped me think outside the box and encouraged the development of some creative programming ideas.”

“We are working on integrating more technology into our program, which has been successful. We will be doing an IRB and research study to see what differences it makes.”

What else would you like to tell us about your Innovate Extension experience?

“This session was just the start of what we need to do to change the culture of innovation within our system. Good job on getting it started. Let’s do even more next time!!”

How Can We Be More Innovative in Our Work?

Listen to what OSU Extension Director, Roger Rennekamp, had to say about how we can be more innovative in our work.

Check out what event participants had to say about their 2017 Innovate Extension experience:

2017 Innovate Extension Infographic

We are excitedly gearing up to plan and coordinate our 2018 Innovate Extension event. What would you like to see happen in 2018? Let us know by email or in the comments!

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