What Can an Ed Tech Do for Me?

Jamie and I are thrilled to be getting so many tech requests! From answering simple questions about best sources for royalty free music to providing more in depth analysis and coaching for projects like social media marketing strategies, the OSU Extension Ed Tech unit is multifaceted.

As a fairly new unit of Extension, some folks are unclear about how they can take advantage of the services we provide. We’d like to take some time to highlight our major responsibilities and ways in which our work can benefit you.


What We Do

Answering Questions

Just like any other Extension Specialist or Educator, Ed Techs are available to answer tech-related questions you may have. Whether determining the most appropriate web tools or app to use for a project or helping you identify the best camera to purchase, Ed Techs can help you navigate the world of educational technology.


Ed Techs are available for one-on-one or small group coaching on a variety of topics. We are also able to attend team meetings to discuss how you can strategically integrate technology into your marketing strategies and projects.


Throughout the year, Ed Techs offer workshops on topics of high priority. For example, this fall, we’re excited to offer four video creation workshops across the state. Workshops are offered based on areas of high need. We welcome suggestions for future offerings! Also look for the annual tech use and skill survey every January and provide your input.

Connecting You to Resources

If you have a technology question, but aren’t sure where to look for help, Ed Techs can help connect you to the best people or resources to get your questions answered. We have a vast network of CFAES and Ohio State-wide professionals and resources who can also help you.


One of the most exciting aspects of our work as Ed Techs involves bringing you the latest and greatest technology. Ed Techs spend time researching and testing new tech gadgets and software in order to determine how they can improve our reach and impact as Extension professionals.

Our primary goal as Ed Techs is to help Extension faculty and staff feel confident when integrating technology into programs and projects. We are happy to coach, teach, and advise you. Our role is not to create content for you, but rather to provide you with the necessary know-how and empowerment to create it yourself or with your team.

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