Video Creation Workshop

What is something that can engage your clientele, and add some pizazz to your presentations, marketing, or reporting? Easily added are pictures that help to tell a story, but even more exciting is the possibility of making a movie that literally can speak volumes to anyone who sees it – even when you are not there. Videos allow the viewer to be transported to the kitchen, the field, or 4-H Camp without leaving their couch.

The Ed Tech team is working to design a workshop for Extension professionals to develop their skills in making videos for these purposes. Part of the goal in explaining our ideas is that you will collaborate and we can build to make this a great experience!

Through this workshop we will explore five major areas: brainstorming, pre-production, production, post-production, and other topics. These areas will lead professionals through types of videos, suggested software (both paid and free), planning a video, lighting, location, equipment needed, how to edit, and how to publish your video.

As we plan this workshop, we would love your feedback! Have you done video before? What kind of things are you most curious about? How can videos help you in your position? Leave a comment below or feel free to email me at

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  1. This postworkshop is created for teachers who want to include video in their classes to make them more dynamic and more attractive to students. This certification workshop will teach you how to create wonderful videos using your smartphone, edit them using fast tools ..

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