CarmenConnect – Hardware & Mobile Recommendations


For the Best Experience

  • All Participants should use a desktop or laptop computer with a wired internet connection and a headset or earbuds.  A wireless connection may not be strong or stable enough to provide an ideal experience.  Relying on the speakers and mic built into a computer can result in poor sound quality for all Participants in the session.


  • If Attendees expect to speak during the session, a combined headset / mic is recommended.  See the Headset Information page for more details.
  • To create an optimal user experience during a session while using the built-in computer audio (Voice over IP), each person should speak with a headset mic.  This equipment lets the microphone focus on the speaker’s voice without picking up ambient sound from the physical room in which they are sitting.  It also prevents the audio in the Connect Meeting Room from feeding back into the session and creating an echo.

Operating Systems

  • Adobe Connect requires the Adobe Connect Add-in enable all functions. When prompted, meeting participants should allow the Add-in to load and/or install. Installation takes less than a minute on most machines.
  • The add-in is highly recommended for Meeting Hosts, Hosts and Presenters.
  • Browser Known Issues The current version of the Google Chrome browser is incompatible with the Adobe Connect Add-in. Please see the Adobe Help article for more information: 

Tablets/Smartphones/iOS Mobile Devices

  • With the launch of Adobe Connect 9, Adobe also launched the Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 client.  A full description of what can and cannot be done when using a mobile device can be found in Adobe’s official blog post here:

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