Carmen Connect – Need More Training?

Make plans to attend our session at Annual Conference (Ken Kulka and Teresa Johnson) to learn more about Carmen Connect and get your questions answered. In the meantime…. there are several resources on the web to help with using Carmen Connect.

Carmen Connect Quick Start/Host/Presenter Info

Tips and Tricks Video

Uploading a document into Carmen Connect vs Sharing a Document/Desktop

To use your CarmenConnect account, you can go to the portal at or you can go to the direct URL for any Connect room in our system. The username is your “” and the initial password is “carmenconnect1”. This is a one-time use password. You will be asked to create a new password for yourself after you have successfully logged in. In the CarmenConnect portal, you can create new rooms for yourself or manage any existing rooms under your account. Most of these features can also be accessed from the menus in a Connect room

Carmen Connect Contact: 
Ken Kulka:
Instructional Development Specialist
Communications and Technology


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