Attention JFB Members

You are invited to join in a 2021 OFMA Junior Fair Conference “live discussion” on Saturday, January 9th at 10:00 a.m. It may not fully replace the excitement and interactions that you would have enjoyed if attending the OFMA Junior Fair Conference in person, but we certainly hope that it will provide an opportunity for your to share a few ideas from your fair – and pick up a few ideas from other fair from across the state. The live discussion will be held using a Zoom platform, with participants in breakout rooms to speak with fellow JFB members about a single topic. The topics, and a brief description, are listed below. We certainly encourage JFB members from a given fair to spread themselves out, if possible, in order to contribute on a number of topics.



Simply visit and register for the topic of your choosing – it should only take a minute or two!… Selection of topics is listed below! We ask that you register by no later than noon on January 4th, so that we may prepare login and discussion materials for you. You’ll receive an email with details to login a few days in advance of the discussion. Session space is limited, so be sure to register early in order to get the topic of your choosing!  =)


  • CLOVERBUDS: They may be small, but they bring lots of excitement to the fair. Tell us how you include Cloverbud-aged youth in fair activities and fun. How do you keep them coming back until they are old enough to be an exhibitor?


  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: Thinking about service activities that can be created during the week of fair, what are some creative community service activities that you performed, or that you think that Junior Fair Boards should consider offering?


  • COVID CHANGES: How did you make social distance fun at your fair? Did you make some changes in 2020 by necessity, that you may keep moving forward?  Share your ideas for what activities we can safely plan for 2021 or easy modifications you can make to keep everyone safe while still providing the fun that everyone expects at the county fair.


  • DONOR RECOGNITION: Donors, sponsors and buyers play a very important role in the fair. How do you ensure that they know they are appreciated? What creative ways have you found to express appreciation?


  • EXHIBITOR FUN: What activities or event do you offer during fair week just for exhibitors? How do you introduce some fun amongst the many competitions offered at the fair? Tell us how to focus on fun during the fair!


  • FAIR AWARDS: What does your county do for awards, beyond rosettes and trophies? What have your exhibitors enjoyed most, and what new items have you introduced? Share ideas for creative award items that will get your junior fair exhibitors excited!


  • WISH YOU HAD KNOWN: Now that you have experience as a Junior Fair Board member, what do you wish you had known sooner? What would you share with other members to make their experience better or more impactful?


  • WHY DO YOU DO IT: Why do you love your role on the Junior Fair Board, and why do you love the work that comes along with being on the board? What makes the Junior Fair Board special?


Junior Fair Board Now Accepting Applications!

It’s that time of year again! Below are the links for the 2021 Clermont County Junior Fair Board Application Forms (Member Application and Personal Reference for first-time applicants).
Forms are due on Friday, October 16, 2020. Online forms are the preferred version.
ALL applicants should attend the October meeting on Wednesday, October 21, at 7pm.  All returning members must fill out an application for the upcoming year.