Quality Assurance Reminder

Quality Assurance is due by June 1 each year. That is next week!

All exhibitors in the following categories must complete an approved QA program in an Ohio County before June 1 of the current year to compete at the Clermont County Junior Fair or the Ohio State Fair.

  • lactating dairy cattle (cows NOT heifers)
  • lactating dairy goats (goats that are producing milk, even if they are in their dry phase)
  • market beef (steer or heifer), NOT feeder calves
  • market goats
  • market hogs
  • market lambs
  • market poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese)
  • market rabbits (NOT breeding or fancy)


Brown County in-person training is on May 28, 6 pm, and will be held at Rhonemus Hall on the Brown County Fairgrounds.

Test Out Options

By appointment at 513-732-7070 or neal.331@osu.edu

Click here to view and download a Quality Assurance Test Study Guide

Online YQCA Training

Use this link to access YQCA Training directions. Start your session at this link. https://yqcaprogram.org/

To receive credit, you must download and send your certificate to neal.331@osu.edu. The certificate must include the name, date, and certificate number. If we can’t see all the information, no credit is given.

Ag Ed/FFA Training

Check with your teacher when you are completing this process. The teacher will turn in a list of names to the Extension Office.

Yes, you can be trained in another county school if the teacher is certified correctly. The teacher will need to turn in complete names to neal.331@osu.edu

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