University of Cincinnati Math Quest Festival

The inaugural UC Math Quest Math Festival will be a free event that is planned to attract approximately 250 3rd to 6th-grade students from the greater Cincinnati region.  The festival will consist of games, activities, and demonstrations planned to show students how mathematics is all around them.  Following the model of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, the UC Math Quest Math Festival is planned to consist of 10-15 different activities for students to explore.  Each activity has a mathematical connection but is designed to engage students in logic, problem-solving, sequencing, or other mathematics explorations.  Activities will be arranged in the UC Clermont Student Activities Center and students will be invited to move from activity to activity at their leisure, spending the time they desire at each activity.  Volunteers will be present at each activity table to assist students with understanding the activity and to further engage students in their activity exploration.

The goals of the UC Math Quest Festival are:

  • To engage students in a non-competitive celebration of great ideas and problems in mathematics
  • To engage students in activities highlighting the interconnectedness of STEM content
  • To provide a safe, educational, and fun community event
  • To bring students to the University of Cincinnati Clermont campus and showcase great opportunities they could explore relative to their future endeavors

The UC Math Quest Math Festival will be organized by the University of Cincinnati Blue Clermont campus and will be supported by various academic units and community partners.  Funding for the UC Math Quest Math Festival is sought through grants and generous support from businesses, community organizations, and individuals.

The festival is fully staffed by volunteers from UC Clermont, UC Blue Ash, and other community organizations, so the funds raised will support the event activities directly.

Additional festival support opportunities include volunteering at the festival, organizing a festival activity/table/demonstration, or donating materials directly.  For more information about these opportunities, please contact our festival coordinator, Sarah Ferguson, at

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