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Six new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1360 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

The BQA Program was initiated in 1987 to provide cattle farmers and ranchers with the guidelines and training necessary to ensure animal health and well-being as well as provide safe, quality beef. With BQA concepts estimated to be influencing more than 90% of U.S. cattle, this week Garth Ruff details the progress that’s been made since the last BQA audit.

Articles this week include:

    • National Beef Quality Audit – The Report Card on US Beef Quality
    • Use the proper syringe and needle when vaccinating cattle
    • Grazing Cattle; To offer shade, or not?
    • Plan Now for Tenth Annual OCA Replacement Female Sale
    • Beef Cow and Heifer Slaughter Still High by Historical Standards
    • Weekly Livestock Comments for September 1, 2023

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