What do Master Gardeners Love about the Fair?

We love sharing our gardens with you.

Again this year, the Master Gardeners are working with straw bales in the garden.  We have a beautiful demonstration garden located near the Boy Scout Cabin.  We are growing several of our standard vegetable selections this year along with a few new varieties.  In addition, we are participating in an OSU Home Garden Trial.  The trial consists of two varieties of bush beans and two varieties of cucumbers.  The trial is to determine which grows best in our area and is a selection we should suggest to you your own garden.  We will let you know which variety is a success.

Our Sensory Garden, located along the 4-H hall is something to see. We began this garden last year but this year it has come into its own.  The Iron Weed is sky high and the Chocolate Mint is very tasty.  We have a few new additions to this garden also.  Check out the Peek-a-boo plant and the Stevia is so sweet. And don’t forget to find the Apple Mint!

Containers are another wonderful way to grow vegetables and herbs when you don’t have garden space.  Our containers have several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers along with herbs like borage, thyme, oregano, and dill.

If you aren’t into vegetables but want to plant for pollinators, stop by our perennial garden further down the office building.  Stop and watch the pollinators as they buzz from flower to flower.  The plantings vary from Blackeyed Susans to Bee Balm and Mountain Mint.

Don’t forget to visit our booth in the Floral Hall during the Fair.  The Master Gardeners love to talk about our gardens! Maybe we can show you how to start a new garden.

——Deb Garner, Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator

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