Straw Bale and other Gardens at the Fairground

It was a hot week, and the plants appreciated the heavy rain on Tuesday.  In the straw bales, the cucumber beetles have discovered the pumpkins and squash.  NEEM oil was applied and the following day the number of bugs had decreased.  The application is only good until the next rain.  The marigolds planted with the cucumbers seem to have deterred this pest.

There are green tomatoes hanging on the Early Girl and Early Doll plants.  Summer squashes are growing quickly, and some are about 3 inches long. Pepperoncini peppers are the only pepper plants with peppers. We were busy removing suckers off the tomatoes and trimming leaves resting on the soil.  Twine, hair clips, and string were used to tie plants to stakes.

Outside the 4-H Hall, the Master Gardener Volunteers have 2 additional gardens.  The Sensory Garden is for children to explore using taste, smell, and sight.  There is a birdhouse, birdbath, and chimes.  Some of the plants include basil, stevia, apple mint, eyeball plant, sunflowers, hens, and chicks-just to mention a few.

The Container Garden has a variety of peppers and tomatoes tied to a metal fence plus a variety of herbs-oregano, thyme, and borage.  The first planting of pickler cucumbers didn’t come up in one container.  Maybe the seeds were too old but with new seeds and a replant, the new cucumbers have emerged.

You are welcome to visit these gardens at any time.

Early Doll Tomato in straw bale Straight Neck squash in straw bale Container Garden Sensory Garden

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