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Six new articles have been posted in this week’s Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

As recent as the past two days I’m still seeing lots of planters in fields in Fairfield and neighboring counties. If rain materializes across Ohio today as forecast, unplanted acres will likely remain in parts of the state tomorrow. This week we talk about one of the prevalent weeds were seeing in some of those fields, and also a forage production alternative for any insured acres that might not yet be planted.

Articles this week include:

    • Less Than Sweet Honeysuckles
    • Be Mindful of Heat Stress to Maintain Stocker Calf Gains
    • Beef Business Foundations; Understanding Calf Price Differentials
    • Feeder Cattle Lot Size
    • Kentucky’s PVAP Program; Lesson learned about adding calf value
    • Cover Crop ‘Forage’ an Option for Prevented Planting Corn or Soybean Acres
    • Relentless Canada Thistle
    • Impact of early calving replacement heifers on cow-herd production and longevity
    • Ohio Beef Day to be held in Muskingum County
    • Data That Delivers
    • The Impact of Dairy Cow Slaughter on Cull Cow Markets

Small Ruminant News

  • Using Ram Lambs for Breeding
    • Ted H. Doane, Extension Sheep Specialist, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Previously published online the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension: August 1986) Although this publication is a bit …
  • Solar Grazing 101
    • Currently, Ohio is slated to have approximately 85,000 acres of land put into photovoltaic (solar) energy production over the next decade. As our society continues …
  • Broomsedge is Talking: Are you Listening?
    • Mike Rankin, Hay and Forage Grower managing editor (Previously published in Hay & Forage Grower: June 14, 2022) Among humans, most communication is accomplished by speaking…
  • Ohio Coyote Ecology and Management Project
    • OSU Coyote Project, Few animals elicit such strong, and opposing, emotions as the coyote. But love ‘em or hate ‘em, after decades of range expansion ..
  • Lamb and Goat Production Seminar: Facility Design
    • Although a bit lengthy, this video highlighting concepts for improved feeding systems and converting existing structures to house small ruminants by Mike Caskey from Southern..
  • Keeping your Vaccines Viable
    • Tracey Erickson, former South Dakota State University Extension Dairy Field Specialist (Previously published online with South Dakota State University Extension: November 18, 2021) Vaccines are..

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