Contacting 811 before gardening – is it necessary?

For many, the excitement of the gardening season is on the horizon. New fences, landscaping, and plans for fruit and vegetable gardens are underway. As shovels and trowels are taken out of storage it’s important to make sure gardeners are protecting themselves and the buried assets supplying energy to their neighbors and community. A quick, free-to-call 811 allows utility operators to inform gardeners if there are utilities in the project area. Even non-invasive digging methods can cause damage.

Some utilities may only be located a few inches underground. Erosion and terrain modifications can change utility depth over time, and utilities don’t always run in a straight line. Utility locators have a duty to identify if a gas, water, electric, or telephone line is in your digging area. Don’t take the risk, contact 811 and make sure your gardening fun isn’t interrupted.

April is National Safe Digging Month and a great time to share safe digging messages like this one!

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