Pond Harvest & Winter Prep

You are invited to watch/participate in a pond harvest at Millcreek Perch Farm in Marysville, OH next Thursday (11/11/21). Broodstock perch will be moved into a new pond and fathead minnows will be moved as well. We will also be talking about prepping for winter. The workshop is free to attend, but we do require registration as Milllcreek will be purchasing lunch for attendees.

Right now, the weather is looking like lows in mid-40s and highs of mid-50s with a 40% chance of rain. Unless it’s raining extremely hard (or lightning) we will be out there! Bundle up and come see other farmers and Extension in person. Do note that we will be outside the entire time except for when we are in the barn. The large sliding barn door will remain open to allow fresh air in.

Don’t have a pond operation, but purchase pond-reared fish for your indoor operation? It’s still good to learn about pond-based systems.

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