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Six new articles have been posted in this week’s issue number 1266 of the Ohio BEEF Cattle letter:

Despite the fact we’re not growing a lot of forage this time of year, there are still lots of decisions to be made regarding forage management. This week’s letter is all about that!

Articles this week include:

  • Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Enrollment Open; a Risk Management Tool Cattlemen Should Consider
  • Manage the Stockpile Like it’s Standing Green Money!
  • Don’t Let “Feed Price Sticker Shock” Paralyze your Management
  • The Real Cost of Limiting Nutrients
  • FAQs about Cyanide or “Prussic Acid” Poisoning in Ruminants
  • Beef Production Totals

Sheep News

Small Ruminant Imports: Friend or Foe?

Dr. Reid Redden, Associate Professor and Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service (Reid’s Ram-blings: November 2021) By now you know that

Designing a Sheep Shed

One of the most common asked questions that I receive on a weekly basis revolves around the topic of indoor housing options for sheep and

Scoring Pastures Yearly can Help Identify Trends

Tony Nye, OSU Extension Educator ANR, Clinton County (Previously published in Farm & Dairy: October 28, 2021) A well-managed pasture is both productive and sustainable.

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