MGV Demonstration Garden Update 9.5.2021

Update provided by Carol Pelfry, Clermont County Master Gardener Volunteer

I brought the weed wacker to cut weeds down around the bale garden, but it was too wet.  It wouldn’t cut.

The garden is beginning to look pretty straggly.  You can definitely tell fall is coming.

As we have already discussed, we definitely need to put the bales further apart next year and use fewer plants per bale, although it is kind of fun to dig around in the plants to see what is hiding.

Harvested a few herbs for the girls to use in their cooking.

Here’s today’s harvest.

Beans – 1 pound

Tomatoes – 4 pounds

Peppers – 1-1/4 pounds

Herbs – 2 ounces

(The beans I picked for our dinner weighed 5.8 pounds)



Even though beans were small, I picked them anyway because they are getting really buggy.






Found these guys on the sunflowers – Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 

“The insect has a broad range of plants that it feeds on, and so it’s definitely a pest of agricultural and horticultural crops,”

They are a pretty cool-looking bug.

Not much activity in the garden.  Everything is pretty wet from the rain.  No bees out.








Scarlet runners are blooming and are so colorful.


Horseradish looks healthy.  May be ready to dig roots.

Monarch in the Sensory Garden.


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