4-H Dog Clinics

Interested in learning more about the 4-H Dog projects?  Bring your furry friend and join us on Monday, June 21 for our first dog clinic. You will get to socialize your dog, get to know other members and learn more about the dog projects and clinics offered through 4-H.

2021 4-H Dog Clinic Dates:
All clinics will take place in the 4-H Hall from 7:00 -8:30 p.m.

Monday, June 21 – Beginner’s ONLY
Wednesday, June 30 – Any member enrolled in a dog project
Tuesday, July 13 – Any member enrolled in a dog project
Friday, June 16 – Dog Show Set-Up
Saturday, July 17 – 4-H Dog Show

Clinic Details

  • All dogs on 6 foot leather or nylon lead
  • Bring lots of very small, tasty treats to each clinic.  Do not feed dog the afternoon/evening of clinics—they will eat lots of treats!
  • Bring a toy if your dog is toy motivated
  • Bring a simple cloth nail apron (a few dollars at Home Depot or Lowes) or a treat pouch to hold your treats on you while training
  • Bring a mat or towel your dog can practice “stays” on
  • For obedience and Rally, dogs must be controllable by youth using a Martingale collar (best) or simple buckle/snap collar.  These are also the best options for the show.  Harnesses are acceptable for training, but not for the show.  Chain choke collars are allowed but not preferred for youth training or during show.  Youth and dog cannot show in head collars or any harsher collars like prong collars.
  • For showmanship, a showmanship lead is required
  • ****4-H program dogs CAN NOT be dog or people aggressive****
  • If a dog is unsuitable for group training and the dog show, youth can still participate in the Dog achievement project and train their own dog at home
  • Anyone can enroll in the Dog Achievement in addition to other projects and do it though self-study.  It is a non-competitive learning program that does not show a dog at the fair.  If there is enough interest, we will start holding dog achievement/ skill-a-thon study group sessions.

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