Master Gardner Volunteers Demonstration Gardens Weekly Update

The MGV’s have been working hard in the demonstration gardens located here on the Clermont County Fairgrounds. They are continuing to upkeep the straw bale garden and have planted their sensory demonstration garden located in front of the 4-H hall. Every year the MGV’s choose a theme for their sensory garden; this years theme is “Plants with Animal Names”.  The MGV’s week consisted of their daily tasks of watering, pruning, and checking plant health. During their week of checking plant health they noticed unidentifiable flying bugs on some bales in the straw bale garden and noticed some leaves had dark spots or darker colored leaves. The MGV’s were able to identify issues such as: fertilizer burn, underwatering, too much time between watering, and possible temperature highs for young seedlings. While observing these things, the MGV’s were able to determine that shade cloth for the garden may be beneficial. The Master Gardener Volunteers also installed “No Zone” stations to repel deer, rabbits, squirrels, and bats. A watering guide and journal were also added to improve record keeping and to ensure the proper water amounts are given daily. With the help of Clermont County Extension’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator, Gigi Neal, the gardens also received a fresh weed cutting around the garden areas. The Master Gardener Volunteers also received a generous donation of Impatients, that were planted in the garden; from Grant’s Farm located in Williamsburg, Ohio. Pictured below are photos from the demonstration gardens.





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