Considering Timber Harvest…

Call Before You Cut ( or 1-877-424-8288) is a one-stop-shop for woodland owners considering a timber harvest.  The site is housed at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Division of Forestry.   This campaign began as a printed trifold brochure in Athens County, Ohio in 1995.  In 2007 it became a state-wide campaign and is now serving nine states.  If you have inquiries about selling timber, we encourage you to send them to this site and ask them to click on Ohio.  Visitors who “REQUEST INFO” will receive a packet of information that details the recommended steps for conducting a timber harvest in Ohio.  All requests for information are also forwarded to Dave Apsley (, and we will also send a response from OSU Extension.   The site also contains numerous useful links and resources.

The Ohio Society of American Foresters’ Directory ( lists foresters who provide services to woodland owners in Ohio.  It has recently been updated and is once again searchable by a number of categories.  All foresters listed on this site are members of the Ohio Society of American Foresters. These foresters are able to assist landowners in all aspects of forest management from creating woodland management plans to sustainably harvesting timber. You can access the lists by clicking on the type of forester you’re looking for (Consulting Forester/Industry Foresters/State Service Forester).  You can refine your search by region, services provided, and other qualifications. In addition to the forester lists, there are also a number of resources under the “Links” tab that woodland owners might find useful.

Also,  here’s a short video that may be useful for folks considering a timber harvest.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns about either website, Dave Apsley (,

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